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Vegetarilin on Facebook

I don’t know about you but I have this strong like-dislike relationship with Facebook.  On one hand it’s helped me to reacquaint myself with some people I haven’t spoken to in ages.  I appreciate that and love my newfound relationship with these old friends.    In reality though, now that I’ve made contact with them, I keep in touch in a much my personal manner such as email, phone or private messages on fb.  I am often surprised by what people post or am left baffled by the tiny glimpse of the part of their lives they are willing to share with their fb friends.  I absolutely enjoy it when I need a 30 second break from my job and read something silly someone posted.

With that said I have surprised myself by starting a Facebook page for Vegetarilin.  On it I am going to post links to my recent posts here as well as reposts of some older ones that people are still interested in.  If I’m doing something in my day to day life that I think you’ll find interesting I’ll post that to.  If you’d like to be a part of it please visit:

I hope you’re having a peaceful day, Lin


Meatless Monday, oy!

I have been reading articles on Sir Paul McCartney’s please for Meat Free Mondays.  You would think he was asking for people to give up their right arm for a day.  It’s upsetting to see how misunderstood vegetarianism is.  From googling  just this subject I have found that he is trying to ban all household pets, soap, lipstick and other household products.  He also picked the wrong day of the week, it should be on Friday’s which I assume fits in better with some religious views.  The fact that people don’t understand that eating vegetarian is easy, delicious, and satisfying and can be done any day of the week is ridiculous.  Also, I was sort of surprised that people don’t realize that all these products (except maybe medications) are already available cruelty free.  Personally, I am not a vegan but try to purchase and eat animal products in limited quantities.  Perhaps one day I will take the leap but for now I am taking it slowly.  I am slowly switching the products I use to cruelty free brands and often go to this site to help with my choices.