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Lara “Like” Bars Homemade

A few months ago my daughter got me hooked on Larabars.  They are a snack or energy bar made from simple, natural ingredients and come in many great flavors.  My favorites are apple and cherry pie and I love the chocolate ones as well.  While they don’t cost a fortune I think the typical $1.50 is a lot for what is essentially a few bites of food usually eaten on the run.

So of course I took a good look at the basic ingredients and decided to make my own.  They are really quite easy to make and I bought the dried fruit in bulk so they were pretty cost efficient. Dates are the main ingredient and the one that doesn’t change regardless of flavor.  Today I used dates with dried blueberries and lemon zest.   However,  I’m already seeing limitless possibilities for new varieties.  I made them in the food processor and honestly can’t imagine making them without one.

I enjoy making food that can all go into the food processor without cleaning and is completed in 1 bowl.  There is no cooking involved and it took just a few minutes although it is pretty sticky to work with.  Altogether this recipe made 8 bars which I’m sure will be consumed within a couple of days so I’m not even going to refrigerate them. Last, once again, a gluten-free vegan recipe!  Gotta love it!


1 cup pitted dates rough chopped but don’t buy chopped dates

1 cup dried blueberries (or other dried fruit such as cherries, apricots, cranberries)

1 cup nuts such as walnuts or pecans (I used walnuts)

Zest of 1/2 a lemon (optional depending on type of fruit used)

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon


Place dried fruit and lemon zest in food processor and pulse until fruit is in small chopped pieces, remove to bowl

Add nuts to the food processor (don’t wash bowl first) and pulse until finely chopped

Add nuts to fruit and mix well by hand, if you find there’s too many nuts to incorporate leave a little out

Turn mixture onto waxed paper and form into a log shape, then roll out until 1/4″ 1/2″ thick (I used a drinking glass for this)

Slice into approximately 8 even bars and wrap in plastic

Have a peaceful day, Lin

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Quick Blueberry Crisp

Today was fun.  I went to see Grown Ups with my friend Tracy and my mom.  The movie was light and funny just as I expected of Adam Sandler and the cast.  After the movie we went for lunch and had a good relaxing time.

Earlier I woke up craving a sweet breakfast full of blueberries but not too heavy.  I knew lunch would be immediately after the movie so I didn’t want a big filling breakfast.  The idea of a blueberry crisp was the first thing that came to mind.  Then I thought that crisps usually are meant to have multiple servings and take awhile to bake.  I didn’t have the time and I didn’t want to turn the oven on.

After a quick online search I found several recipes for a microwavable version that literally took minutes to make.  Of course I played around with the recipe and made it single serving sized for my one meal.  While it came out very tasty and was super easy to make I will be honest and say that I would still use an oven baked recipe for company.  However, for just myself and being cooked start to finish in under 10 minutes I will definitely be making this again.


1 cup blueberries (I used fresh)

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon corn starch

1 teaspoon brown sugar


3 tablespoons oatmeal

3 tablespoons whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon brown sugar (more if desired)

2 teaspoons vegan margarine or butter melted


Stir blueberries, cornstarch, lemon juice and 1 teaspoon brown sugar in a 5 inch microwavable dish, microwave 1 minute stir well and microwave 1/2 to 1 minute longer

While blueberries are in microwave mix together the ingredients for the topping, spoon on top of the blueberries and microwave 1-2 minutes longer, cool for a few minutes and serve

Here is the link to the original recipe that I got the idea from: