“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”

The title was the premise for Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food.  I just read through his little hand guide Food Rules which is written with the same basic theme.  Food Rules is a well written book for those who just want a simple synopsis of all his other books.  It’s simply a list of rules to live by when eating.  These rules as based on common sense and eating like our great grandmothers did.

I loved the fact that this is a quick read.  It’s not just for vegetarians but it does state that a vegetarian diet is healthier and that people who eat far less meat than that of a typical westernized diet are healthier. Rule 22 is eat mostly plants especially leaves which is exactly what most food science is stating.  When I cook broccoli I make sure to eat the leaves it’s considered the most nutritious part.

Another rule is to eat only foods that will eventually rot.  This one  made me laugh.  Has anyone else noticed how long a packaged loaf of bread will last these days?  When I was a kid a loaf of bread was meant to last a few days and then it turned green.  I’ve thrown out bread that’s over 2 weeks old and still looks fine.  That scares me.  Bread is not supposed to last.

The book is too short to give away too many of the “rules” but you really should read it.  Personally I’m glad I read it  but am also glad I borrowed it from the library.  It was a fun read full of information that I mostly already knew but put in simple terms.  Much of this I probably knew from reading his other books but I enjoyed this regardless.

Peace, love, & greens, Lin
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