Grilled Acorn Squash

It’s a sunny day and I can use my grill!  All  is good!  Yesterday I used the butternut squash that’s been sitting on my counter and today I’m grilling the acorn squash.  I love produce that can sit on the counter for some time without spoiling.  I have the tendency to purchase beautiful produce and not use it quickly enough.  It’s a bad habit I’m working on.

This morning I had a dentist appointment.  The kind where I had to open wide for over an hour while they started a crown.  My dentist is amazing but 1 hour of that with even a mildly arthritic jaw is just too much.  For the rest of the day I’m sticking to a soft  food diet.  I’m not loving the fact that I’m slowly morphing into an old decrepit version of myself.

Dinner tonight is an old favorite Fettucini Alfredo paired with the grilled squash.  While the alfredo is anything but vegan the squash recipe is easily adaptable.  It’s also gluten-free.  The one thing I don’t like about squash is cutting into it so I pierced it a few times and microwaved it for 3 minutes to soften it before slicing for the grill.  That made the whole thing super easy.

Before I get to the recipe I have to mention baby Alyssa who I got to meet today.  She belong’s to my friend Kathy and is just the cutest sweetest baby I’ve seen in ages.  Alyssa let me hold her and feed her and she slept on my shoulder for a bit.  My babies are now adults so I’ve been missing out on the enjoyment of a newborn for quite awhile!  Isn’t she a cutie!


1 medium sized acorn squash

2 tablespoons vegan margarine or butter

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon of rum (brandy or bourbon will do, even OJ will work)

Just a smidge (scientific term) of cinnamon nutmeg, & cardamon

Salt to taste (optional)


Pierce the squash with a knife in a few places going with the ridges and microwave for 3 minutes, cool, slice into 1-2 inch slices

Let margarine or butter get to room temperature and whisk in other ingredients

Rub mixture over each slice of squash

Place on medium high grill and cook on each side about 5-7 minutes per side or until you see nice grill marks, after turning the first time brush the remaining sugar butter mixture on top

Since it was just us with no company we ended up picking it up with our hands and eating it right out of the skin.  It was really sweet, tender and delicious.  The dogs very happily inhaled the leftovers that I placed in their bowls.

Have a peaceful day,

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  1. Sounds delicious! I made this great Moroccan-style stuffed acorn squash over the weekend.

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