Good bye Gluten-Free!

My 4 week gluten-free trial is over and I have mixed feelings about it.  Before I get into that I must say that my breakfast today will be a celebratory New York Style (which means real) bagel from a local bagel store.  Yum!!  One of the hardest things about leaving NY was giving up great bagels and pizza.  Fortunately we have found both in what I consider close to great quality.  And now I can have both!  As for my first bagel in months, it’s dressed up with cream cheese. sliced tomato, and fresh basil which makes it a very simple but delicious treat!

As for my gluten-free experiment, here’s a little f what I learned:

  • I felt the best the 1st 2 weeks when my diet was mostly plant-based
  • The one true overall benefit was the disappearance of frequent heartburn
  • My inflammation did not disappear or even reduce much, this was confirmed by my massage therapist who kinda laughed when I asked if it seemed better
  • My IBS symptoms that seemed to disappear came back as I ate less salad and greens and more processed gluten-free foods

My overall take away from this is that no matter how much nutritious unprocessed food I typically eat I need to eat more.  The results that I originally credited to g free was really based on a predominantly plant-based diet.  As I added more high quality processed foods, frozen meals for work, etc.  the more my symptoms appeared.  While gluten is re-emerging in my diet I realize that it needs to be on a lesser proportion than before.

I have read many books about health and diet and they all go back to the same basic principle.  We need to go back to eating the way our grandparents or great grandparents did.  We need to eat food that was recognized as food 50+ years ago.  We also have to read labels very carefully and make sure the ingredients align with the claims on the fancy packaging.  That’s it, it sounds quite simple.  However, in our fast paced grab and go world it’s far more work than it should be.

Have a peaceful day, Lin

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