Freecycle Update

Not much to say today.  10 hour workdays are quite draining although well worth the 3rd day off each week.  I just wanted to share my current disappointment with Freecycle.  In the last week I’ve made 3 attempts at submitting an offer for a 27″ tv.  I was honest and stated that it works fine once it’s turned on but takes about 5 minutes of it turning itself off before it actually stays on.  It’s a pain in the butt but I’m sure someone without a tv would be happy for the bother.

After 3 attempts and no post or response from the administrator I am sadly giving up.  It will be on my curb early tomorrow and am hopeful that someone will drive by and be happy to take it.  I would love to know if anyone knows of an organization similar to freecycle that functions in a more stable manner.  Please let me know.

What Happened to Freecycle? was a post I wrote a little over a month ago while still hopeful that it could work.  Sadly I believe this is it for me.  I’ve looked through my groups page and cannot even find a way of contacting those in charge to ask what’s going on.  Sadly, I’m at a loss and am just tired of trying to do the right thing with poor results.  I sincerely hope those of you who belong to other Freecycle groups are having a better experience than me!

Have a peaceful day,

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  1. If you are UK based there are many schemes related to redistributing electronics and surplus to those who need it.

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