Vegetarian Dogs

I just stumbled upon this article and found it interesting.  Awhile ago I decided not to force my dogs to live my vegetarian choice and kept them on their regular low fat kibble.  However, my pit mix Casey has been having some skin issues which are not terrible but aren’t going away after visits with the vet, antibiotics, and several home remedies.

Is a vegetarian diet safe for my dog? | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

While browsing through the pet store recently I saw Nature’s Recipe healthy skin vegetarian formula and decided to look it up. After Googling reviews I found that several people had older dogs with similar skin issues and going on this formula helped immensely.  There were definitely some negative reviews as well but for the most part they were positive.  I decided to put my dogs on a vegetarian diet.

In reality this will be a transition.  They are eating 50/50 old and new formula and will finish their box of meat biscuits which is a giant box.  So far, they like it.  They’re doing that funny thing where they manage to pick out and eat all the new veg food and leave their old food behind. This would be fine except that it never stays in the bowl, kibble is now all over the laundry room floor.

Only time will tell if this is a good idea or not.  Casey and Rocki’s health and well being is of most importance to me.  Are your dog’s veg and if so what have been the overall effect of this diet?  I’d really love to know.

Have a peaceful day, Lin

    • Marci
    • August 15th, 2010

    Re:Veg Dogs
    I cannot imagine my picky littlest one even trying it! But it does make me wonder.
    She is an older long haired mini chuhuahua and is missing most of her teeth now. It is getting harder and harder to find moist soft dog foods for her to eat. I wonder if there may be a formula that would entice dogs.
    Are certain vegetables more attractive to them or nutritionally sound?
    I think I will try to look at that website tomorrow, well later on today, and see if there is any suggestions.
    Sometimes she will not eat dog food for days and then will devour things like my rice/veggie dishes. But then the next time I offer her a rice dish, she turns her nose up at it! Its never consistant with her.
    My Belgian Malinois, in typical fashion, if its there to eat..its one swoop..inhaled!

    Off Topic-
    The sweetest little calico kitten maybe 3-4 months old has adopted our hotel! He has no qualms about opening the exterior door, jump up on the luggage cart and snooze, then open the inside automatic doors and walk around the lobby give out a couple of meows and then back outside he goes. I am frantically trying to find it a home. I called the humane society today in hopes of finding a foster family. Only to be told that they have 300 cats and 118 are up for adoption. Obviously not a good option. He was someone’s pet at one time, you can tell, and they dumped it. There is a little bench out front for guests to smoke and he will jump up on the bench beside them and walk across their lap only to lay down and stretch out demanding to be rubbed. I worry about people driving through the parking lot too fast at night and it getting hit or worse, the feral cats nearby getting it. The groundhogs around here are twice the size of this little one!
    I would take him home but not only do I have 2 dogs but a husband who says NO! So I am on the hunt to find a home for it. I wish I knew a little older lady or middle aged couple who could take it in. He would be perfect for someone like that.

    Have a great day and keep those posts coming!
    I loved the information links about the recipes for natural toothpaste and deodorants!

  1. the dog foods that we use are certified organic as we do not want to use those dog foods contaminated with chemicals,,”

  2. i always look for those calcium fortified dog foods because they make my dog healther ~-,

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