Climate Change

After watching the movie No Impact Man I added Colin Beavan’s blog to my Google Reader.  Today he wrote an interesting post on our government’s failure to pass a climate control bill that would actually endorse climate change.

Ultimately once again our government has caved in and handed all control over to large corporations who care far more about their profit margin that the havoc they are creating on our planet.  Colin provided links to 1Sky which is trying to get people to inform our government that we will not tolerate these weak bills that do little to support our planet.

In Colin’s words: It’s time to show Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, our senators and President Obama the full extent of our outrage at their failure to take on the greatest crisis of our time.

Click on this link and send them a message and tell them two simple things:

Please take a few moments and send an email to your local politicians.  I just finished and it took moments.  The emails are all filled out, you just need to enter your zip code and add a little personal information.  Maybe if enough people share their passion on the subject we can make a difference.

Thanks and have a peaceful day!  Lin

  1. Thank you for posting this I used to work for one of 1sky’s member organizations, and the do some pretty important stuff. Looks like they will be trying to introduce a bill in August, so it’s really important that we get vocal soon!

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