I’ll be off to Gatlinburg Tn early Saturday morning.  My hubby and I will be renting a 5th wheel and staying at a campground at the base of the Smokey Mountains.  It is our goal to one day own a 5th wheel and travel the country.  I am very interested in seeing how the RV lifestyle fits in with being a vegetarian.  I have done some online research and have found some cafe’s and restaurants that shoul be able to accomodate me.  Also working in customer service, I spoke to a customer who owns both a pub with a vegetarian restaurant  above it in Asheville NC!  We were considering Asheville as a day trip and after viewing the online menu’s I absolutely want to go.  I can’t find the link for the veg location but the pub also has a few interesting veg options.  Here’s the link:

While I love eating out, I am also very interested to see how different it is to cook in an RV’s miniature kitchen.  Hopefully some new foods will inspire me to invent a new recipe worthy of posting.  I am bringing a few basic staples with me and plan to buy and consume local foods as much as possible.  I see no point in going somewhere new and sticking to the same routines, foods, restaurants, etc that you would be utilizing at home.  Now I just have to make it through one more work day, pack my stuff (yes, I’m procrastinating) and head out!

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